Can Women Also Use And Benefit From Testosterone Boosters?

Why Is Testosterone Important?

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone but both male and females have some of it flowing through their bodies. Infant men and women, both have similar levels of testosterone. The only difference is that men begin secreting it in greater amounts when they reach puberty. Doctors are slowly recognizing the benefits of optimum T-levels in men whereas the effects of testosterone deficiency in women is largely ignored.

Testosterone is essential in both women and men but it plays a greater role in the upkeep of men than of women. It is important to maintain ideal levels of testosterone in men provided that the person taking it is actually deprived of it.

There are various products in the market these days to increase and maintain T-levels such as patches, pills, therapies, gels. One such product is Rx24 which is a natural testosterone booster for men. This supplement is being promoted as an effectual treatment for low testosterone in men.

Coming back to women, Testosterone works differently in women and men. As testosterone levels drop, you may face many health implications. Women too lose their sexual appetite, muscle strength and function with dipping testosterone levels. Low T- levels also contribute to hair loss, increase in anxiety and depression. Obese women usually have low testosterone levels.

How Can Testosterone Therapy Help Women?

Increases Libido

A woman’s sexual desire gets repressed when she suffers from low T levels. Testosterone is responsible for vaginal blood flow and lubrication.

Accentuates Muscle Strength

Lack of testosterone in a woman’s body lead to muscle deterioration and consequently the woman’s body becomes doughy and develop osteoporosis.

Aids In Egg Development

How does testosterone aid egg development is unclear but one of the theories suggest that testosterone prevents premature death of the egg at an early stage of follicular development.

Few Other Perks Of Having Ideal T-Levels In Women

Optimum testosterone levels increase the memory, learning and spatial understanding in both men and women. It also helps in increasing pain tolerance and enhancing a sense of wellbeing and energy.

The Downsides Of Too Much Testosterone

  • It may lead to growth of many masculine traits like hair growth on upper lip, breasts and face.
  • It may also cause hormonal imbalance which may even cause PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

How To Go About It?

The best way to diagnose low testosterone level is through blood tests. Most of the doctors recommend that the best time of the day when the blood sample should be given is in the morning.

Do not just assume that a low libido is caused by a low T-level. It is rare that a woman faces low sexual desire solely because of low testosterone. If you are keen on going for a testosterone therapy then, you should only visit and get treatment from an experienced doctor who has expertise in this area.

To date, no testosterone booster has been given a green flag by drug administration. So, you should think clearly and go wisely for it.

How To Increase T-Levels Naturally?

The best way to increase your T levels is by increasing intake of foods that aid the hormone secretion i.e. testosterone boosting foods & fruits. Foods containing zinc and magnesium may help in this scenario. Non-vegetarian foods may also aid this process. You should keep in mind that these sources can only lessen the severity of the symptoms but not resolve the issue.

You can try alternate ways of healing like acupuncture. Try to manage your stress, and exercise regularly. All these methods appear to be clichéd but trust the old age wisdom and you will reap the benefits.


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